Your Personal Evaluation

The Compass Meridian communicates understanding of human skills through a visual multi-directional image.

The Compass Meridian demonstrates all directions and all characteristics equally.

Compass Meridian Characteristic dominance has no opinion of one set of characteristics being better than the other.

0° North, 90° East, 180° South, 270° West are simply different directions, not inferences of superiority or inferiority between them.

Characteristic traits are calculated in terms of dominant unique personal individual choices and are not hostile.

All personal indicators are equally valuable characteristics.

Take the SEE-ME Evaluation now and see how you can benefit from a little more knowledge of yourself

Self-discover and understand how you can often help improve your own chances or experiences.

The Advantage of the Compass Meridian Evaluation is in helping your natural skills master chances and change to meet the challenges facing you to make the right choice!

The Compass Meridian is an easy to understand and use tool that encompasses an efficient route to help you achieve what you would like to.

Maximise your 360 degrees of change, challenges, chances and choices.


Access your reports and take further evaluations at any time worldwide with no restrictions.

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Any Device

Access the SEE-ME Evaluation system from any device via your web browser.

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Your personal data is available only to you, and you can change your account details at any time.

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