The SEE-ME Evaluation is a tool to help you examine your instinctive characteristic components to determine the extent to which they present themselves.

We know:

Left brain is verbal, logical and analytical.

Frontal brain lobe activities are decisive and judgmental.

The right brain is creative, spatial and musical.

Emotional activities take place in the limbic brain lobe.

We know evaluation is to judge the worth or importance of a thing

We know brain lobe dominance, in a person’s physiology at a given moment affects Behaviour of Characteristics, and Personality; this can magnify or reduce functions and change actions or choices

The SEE-ME Compass Meridian Evaluation can help you find the answers!

now is the time to understand your own and others physical, functional, and operational behavioural evaluations, their characteristic strengths and weaknesses.

Maximise your 360 degrees of change, challenges, chances and choices.