The Evaluation Process

The Compass Meridian SEE-ME is a visual multi-dimensional tool.

The SEE-ME identifies your recorded answers in your characteristic order of choices, and places them into the agreeing characteristic tropic zones in each of the four quadrants.

The SEE-ME identifies all choices and is non-judgemental.

For added accuracy, before you start, think about and possibly consider your behaviours and reactions when you were young. Would you have done something different then to now?

This means that you should look at yourself from your inner viewpoint think about your inclinations and preferences, as well consider learned behaviours.

This will give you a good indicator of your normal inclination as opposed to any oppressed or later learned behaviours.

Critical points to keep in mind when completing the SEE-ME Evaluation.

- Accurate results require that you answer honestly about yourself; no-one else gets to view it so why not be truthful and open.

- You will be able to choose one option out of four against each question.

- Remember to answer according to what you would actually prefer to do, again, be honest with yourself.


The SEE-ME is a self-administered evaluation to be completed in your own time.

When you click the button below you will be asked to login or register on the system, you MUST use a valid email address as after you have registered a confirmation email will be sent to that address and you have to click the link contained in the email to complete your registration

When you have registered you can return to this page and select to take the evaluation

When you have completed the evaluation a report will automatically be emailed to your email address which contains a basic overview of your results and some pointers towards their meaning, this report is currently FREE of Charge!

If you would like a more detailed report or a copy of a previous report then these can be found in your personal members area, there is a small charge of $14.99 (approx £10.50 UK) for the detailed report which can be paid via PayPal.

So if you are ready ...