The Compass Meridian Charter

The entitlement of every 'Compass Meridian User'

- Every Compass Meridian User is considered as an individual with wide reaching potential irrespective of age, gender, disability, ethnicity or socio economic status.
- The Compass Meridian Evaluation is a tool designed to open pathways and to encourage boundary free choices to improve self.
- The Compass Meridian Evaluation helps empower individuals to understanding themselves, others and to develop options for chances, change, challenges and choices.
- To take responsibility for and be seen as an active agent in determining their own priorities in life, work and learning.
- To understand and critically engage with the choices open to them in their life, work and education processes.
- To understand the potential implications of choices personally, socially and economically.
- To develop the personal and social skills and attributes necessary to make choices and to engage with the people and resources within the life work and education processes.
- To be supported to co design their personal or curriculum and learning goals.
- To draw upon and make connections between the expertise and competencies they develop across all areas of their life.
- To develop their expertise and understanding in knowledge domains that is of personal significance to them.
- To be supported in taking risks and develop understanding in unfamiliar knowledge domains.
- To open options to access to learning that will prepare them well as a member of the adult population and as a citizen.
- To have access to different teaching and learning approaches and resources that meets their needs.
- To have access to resources that extends and develops understanding in their chosen areas.
- To have access to learning environments and resources that enables them to develop their understanding and experience in authentic and appropriate contexts.
- To envision use of diverse assessment tools to enable them to reflect upon and develop their own learning at times and in sites appropriate for them and in ways which inform decisions about their future learning.
- To open access to a diverse range of assessment mechanisms and media that are appropriate to the activity I am participating in.
- To achieve recognition for learning irrespective of the context of their Learning (in home, in school, in workplace, in community).
- To achieve recognition for learning that enables them to progress within the wider community.
- To participate in wider activities that provides feedback to self-improvement.
- To participate in engagement within life, work and the education system and are used to improve the learning environments in which it is learnt.

We welcome feedback on all elements of the SEE-ME system. If you would like to discuss any element of the Compass Meridian Charter, please use our Contact Page in the first instance